Green Box Solutions FAQ’s

So, how does solar power work?

Solar power panels convert light from the sun into electricity. When sunlight hits a solar panel, it releases electrons. Generating energy in the form of a direct current (DC). Once the DC energy begins to flow into the inverter, the energy is converted into the more usable alternating current (AC). Alternating currents are what you use to power your household appliances. A solar system is a cost effective and profitable way of generating green power for your home and other abodes.

How much power will my Solar system produce?

The amount of power your system will produce truly depends on the size of the system. However, in the most ideal conditions, a 1kW installation will generate about 1200 kilowatt-hours on annual basis.

Is the power generated able to be used to power my own home?

The energy produced by your Solar system is retailed to the grid at a subsidized rate. However, being that your personal home is the closest point to consumption, a majority of the power consumed will be from your own abode.

What other advantages come with a Solar system?

It’s Profitable – you can offset more than 100% of your 20 year electricity costs while generating a profit.
It’s Long Lasting – All of our Solar systems come with a 20-year warranty.
It’s Good For The Environment –Solar powers your property and community without adding pollution or greenhouse gases into the environment.
It’s All About The Incentives – Our government-backed, 20-year contract guarantees you a steady income and added energy savings.

That sounds great! One thing though – will my Solar system interfere with anything?

No way. Solar Panels are silent workers. Their ideal, outdoor location means that it will not interfere with your daily life or interior aesthetic.

Lastly, why should I choose Green Box Solutions?

Why choose us? Let us list a few reasons:

  1. We’re a turnkey solar provider, offering you a professional service that fully adheres to the highest government standards
  2. Every solar system is designed with quality, professionally installed and project managed by our team of in-house engineers and master electricians.
  3. We go beyond just solar power. We are an energy solutions company, helping you reduce your electricity bill and save you money.